Buying a Home In Richmond Virginia? Avoid Buyer’s Remorse!!!

Congratulations on your decision to buy a home in Richmond!  It is a great time to buy, even if the interest rates and prices are higher than where you would like them to be!  But whether this is your first home, or you are selling your current home and moving ...

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What Not To Do If Buying Your First Richmond Virginia Home

Congratulations!  With the new year starting, you decided that the best present you could give yourself is a new home while saying goodbye to your landlord!  You have watched House Hunters religiously on HGTV, you have researched and researched everything you could on the internet, you have even visited open ...

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Metro Richmond Virginia Real Estate Market Report

January 2023 is now in the books!  As we start to move through 2023, experts are keeping a close eye on the real estate market!  I am also keeping a close eye on the real estate market as I truly believe that it is important for us to continue looking ...

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